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Problem with partial shipment

Question asked by disabled_kll3113 on May 30, 2014
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Problem with partial shipment


     Hello everyone, 

     Hope everything would be fine for you all. I am using Filemaker Pro 13 for just about 2 months, 

     I currently set up one database for my small business, and everything work just fine until I have encountered partial shipment. 

     Kindly take a look of my relationship of invoice , (sales) order, product & customers. 

     i have a portal in INVOICE layout, showing the line items. and I have a relationship that when I input below two field in the invoice layout, corresponding line item in order layout would show up in the portal:

     the inv_LINE::_orderidfk 


     everything just fine if all invoice is one-to-one match with order (that means one invoice have only one order related) , I can preview invoice using GTTR in other layout. 

     however, when it comes to partial shipment, everything goes awfully bad. 

     for example, customers place 100pc of one item. the (sales) orders show all 100pc, but today I can only ship 50pc to her. and I can only issue Invoice for 40pc to her, invoice# KIN00083

     problem 1: When I change 40pc in invoice portal, the item change correspondingly in qnty field in order portal. 

     problem 2: After I deliver the balance 60pc to her a couple of days later, I issue a new invoice, KIN00085. same problem 1 arise. Another big problem is that, it change also the qnty of invoice# KIN00083. 

     AND BIGGEST problem is when I preview the Invoice using GTRR in invoice print layout. It doesn't show the KIN00085, only KIN00083 can be shown

     Is there any solution that help with this? I am searching for different threads and seems no such related information. 

     kindly adv if below solution suit for me?

     1) keep everything as before and would apparently solve the problem; OR

     2) copy all those line item information in inv_lin_ord_LINE into new field set up in inv_LINE? thats may be the possible solution that won't affect anything in inv_lin_ord_LINE, but the heavy workload of input again the same information is really frustrating. 

     is any thing script that can copy field value in inv_lin_ord_LINE into new field in inv_LINE? thanks. 

     Hope can get you replies soon. Thanks in advance of all you assistance