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Problem with password changes

Question asked by CDCASA on Feb 17, 2012
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Problem with password changes


Hi, I am trying to figure out a problem that I am having with passwords. I would like to have each person who has an account change their password when they next login so I checked the checkmark box next to "user must change password on next login" in the security/edit account dialog box for an account. I also checked the checkmark box nest to "allow user to modify their own password" in the edit privilege set dialog box to allow this to happen. I am assuming I ammissing something and/or do not know the proper way to set this up but after I changed these settings I had the user try to login with their original password thinking it would then ask them to create a new password but all that happened was an error message popped up saying that password was expired. I tried different combinations such as only checking the "allow user to modify their own password" box and unchecked the "user must change password on next login" box- this allowed them to log on with the original password but then we could not figure out how to have that user change their own password. Please let me know how I can arrange this correctly. I have about 20 accounts and I need all of them to be able to change their own passwords. Thank you!