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Problem with Porals and Invoices

Question asked by PedroMarroquin on Oct 27, 2011


Problem with Porals and Invoices


I have a problem with a portal. The thing is this I have 4 different tables, 4 different layouts.

The Contact table is where the information of the client is stored and there a serial # generated (CLIENT ID)

Then I have the The Proper Invoice table where i do the invoice with tax. so in the relationship i have client id of contacts table related to client id in Proper Invoice table, so in teh layout of proper invoice i choose the client id of a customer and the name oif teh customer appears. and that is ok.

Then i  have the Invoice table in which i make invoices without tax. SO in relationship i have the client id form contacts table related to the propr invoice table and to the invoice table. So in the invoice layout i choose the customer id and the name of the customer apears and it al works ok.

Then I have the FInancial Archive table. In this table is whre teh probelm is. In brief words in the layout I made a portal that has fields from The invoice table it has te following related fields from that table: # of invoice, date and total. In the portal i put fields from the financial archive (current table): paid, debt and status. And it should all works like this. I have Client ID field which is a financial archive field (in relationship I have the client id form contacts related to client id form fianncial archive)  and Name which is  a related field from contacts. I should chose a custumer id and the name appears in name: and it does. Now it should also sow all the invoices that have been given to taht custumer (in the portal) so it should show the # of the invoice, the date in which the invoice was made, the total of that invoice (all these are related fields form Invoice table) then in the field of paid i would enter a partial payment and in the debt field (is a calculation field) should rest total - paid =debt, and in the status field which is also a calculation field is the following if (debt=0,("PAID","DEBT")). and it all works at the beginning. 

If the custumerhas one invoice it works but when there's 2 invoice it all mesess aroudn. The portal does show the # of the 2nd invoice, the date of the 2nd invoice and the total of the 2nd invoice but in the fields of paid and debt it shows the same numbers as in the 1st invoice... 


IS it a relationship problem?