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Problem with printing multi-column report

Question asked by mattb on Dec 1, 2011


Problem with printing multi-column report


Using FMP 11 Advanced for Mac

I have a 2-column across report layout - the intention is to print record #1 in the left column and record #2 in the right column of a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  The layout vertically exceeds the bottom boundary for one page (11"), but I have  sliding up set on to eliminate any vertical whitespace.  The problem is it won't print at all until I reduce the print scaling percentage sufficently low enough.  But the resulting problem when I do this is that the reduced scaling also affects the horizontal aspect of the report and I wind up with a report that occupies left 2/3 of the page and right 1/3 of the page is now whitespace.

I notice when I turn off the 2-column feature that the scaling percentage number doesn't matter at all, so I'm beginning to assume that this is only a problem with multi-column reports and that multi-column reports should never ever exceed the vertical limit of the size paper being used to print on.  Also, the sliding up feature seems to have no bearing on this situation whatsoever. 

The reason the vertical layout of this report is taller than 11" is that I'm using taller boxes with the sliding up feature so I can account for larger amounts of text input by the user which I want to show up on the report.  But it seems the printing behavior is based strictly on the absolute size of the boxes regardless of whether sliding up is on or off and either way I'm stuck:  if the report layout is less than 11" tall, then some user material may be cut off; if the report layout is more than 11" tall, then the scaling required to get it to print makes for a report with small type and whitespace on the right side of the page.

Am I missing something here?  Or is this just the way it is?  Any and all feedback appreciated, as usual!


Matt Bloomfield