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    Problem with Radio Buttons and Checkboxes



      Problem with Radio Buttons and Checkboxes


      I've created a simple database that contains a few radio button sets and a set of checkboxes. As required, I've also created and associated a value list for each radio button set and set of checkboxes.


      Strangely, when I try to select any of the radio button sets or checkboxes while in Browse mode or when entering data, Filemaker does not accept my input. Filemaker shows me selecting the option however it does not store my choice.


      Am I missing something here? I've been using Filemaker for years so I'm surprised to run into such a simple problem. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong that would prevent Filemaker from allowing me to store these data entry choices?

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          Thank you for your post.


          My initial thought is that there are zero records in the file, but since FileMaker is showing you the selection but not saving, there is something else.


          Do you receive any kind of error message?


          Do you have any special formatting or validation?  Pull down the File menu and select "Manage -> Database...", click on the Fields tab and see if there are any options set for the fields in question.  You may be overriding your input.


          Any additional information you can provide would be helpful in narrowing down the possible causes.



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            The database is new, but it has 5 records.


            I've tried creating additional records as well as creating new value lists such as "Yes, No", "Y, N", "One, Two, Three", etc all separated by a carriage return. Each value lists gives me the same problem, (i.e., Filemaker v.8 doesnt recognize and store my selection of choices for either of these value lists). There are no error messages that appear, the application simply lets me select the option but does not retain my selection.

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              I've triple-checked each field and there is no special formatting or over-ride options defined for any of the radio button and checkbox fields.


              In addition, I verified that there are I am logged in using an account with Full Access privileges.

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                   Eureka! I discovered the issue. It appears that the field was using a White Pen Color setting as well as a 4 point Pen Width causing the field to appear as it had not been selected. I've resolved the issue, thank you for your help.