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Problem with related tables

Question asked by marinusGeuens on Jul 28, 2011
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Problem with related tables


Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a database to make conformity certificats.
Everything works as it supose to be, only I have different models and I want them all to follow
on 1 chassisnumber it is 17 digits long. I have put it in so when I add a record it puts +1 to every record i create, but I have multiple tables that all have to depend on that chassisnumber. I have tryed to relate the tabels together and this works. But If I change the field so it should take the chassisnumber of the main table it is not visible. A I am just starting to get to know filemaker11 and watched tutorial videos of I do exactly the same thing that the instructor does and applyed it to my database, but it does not work. Anyone have some ideas for me how to make it work? Thanks (excuse me for my bad english)