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Problem with Relationship?

Question asked by john.s on Jan 28, 2014
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Problem with Relationship?


     Once again I'm stuck and can use some help.

This relationship shows what is being used to create various photography Jobs.  Some jobs are done for Customers  of various types (families, corporations, leagues) and other Jobs are done for Schools.  The Join_Customer_Jobs table creates a record every time a Job is created and resolves several many to many relationships.  Once a Job is completed it is signed off as Complete by setting a Completed Indicator.   As part of that sign off I need to add the number of Images that were sent to each School, a Job can be for multiple schools. The Join table has the schools stored in the _fk_SchoolCode field based on a checkbox input. I’m not sure where or how to store the image total.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.