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Problem with repetitions and value lists

Question asked by ChrisForeacre on Nov 3, 2010
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Problem with repetitions and value lists


Hi everyone!

I have having an issue here thats causing me to pull my hair out! Hopefully there is an easy fix I am just overlooking. Here is the issue:

I am building a "quoting module" which allows users to select a quantity, vendor, product category, and then product. After selecting the product it does an auto lookup for description, unit cost and unit sell (then calculates total cost and total sell based on quantity). Each of these fields I built as a repetition with 10 slots, and all of the date it is pulling from comes from a separate "Vendor Database" which holds all the products we offer and all the specific information needed.

The first field of "Vendor" is a value list that contains all fields from the related Vendor Database (giving me all vendor names we have) to select from. Then using a separate relationship I let the category field select only the categories that that specific vendor offerers, like wise, under product, another relationship shows only the products that that vendor offers, that are equal to that category. I have this all working just fine, but the problem is this.

As soon as I try to add a second line item (into the second repetition) if I select a different vendor from the first repetition it combines the list for both the first vendor AND the second vendors categories. Which defeats the purpose of trying to narrow down the data!

Here is a small example:

Vendor 1 offers Category A, B & C
Vendor 2 offers Category X, Y & Z
In the first repetition I select vendor 1 : and category comes back with a list of only A,B, or C to select from.
In the second repetition I select vendor 2 : but category now comes back with A,B,C,X,Y & Z when I only want it to show X,Y or Z.

Is there an easy fix for this I am just missing? or is the repetition number not implied when doing value lists?
Any help would be very, very, very appreciated.

Sorry for the long post as well! I look forward to hearing from everyone!

- Chris Foreacre