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Problem with Reports Field Relationships *** URGENT ***

Question asked by hobbiesdeveloper on Apr 13, 2015
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Problem with Reports Field Relationships *** URGENT ***




I'm trying to create a new layout report with the "product_DIV_RETURNS" relationship, which shows up as a Report but keeps listing all my products and not just the Return field marked as "Yes". I would like to have this report show products with the Return field status of "Yes" but it keeps showing all the products.

Here is my  setup that i'm using.

Relationships Chart:

Product (Product Table) -> product_DIV_RETURNS (Product Table Copy)
Relationship: Product::const_Yes (Calculation, from Product = "Yes") = product_DIV_RETURNS::DeadInventory_ReturnFlagged (Text, Indexed)

Layout: Report: Dead Inventory Returns Report
Using Table: product_DIV_RETURNS

It shows all products, even if 99 percent of the products are not marked as Yes. I just need it to show products with the returnFlagged set as "Yes".


I have also noticed that if I added a portal with the product_DIV_RETURNS relationship selected under the "Show related records from" it will only show the Returns marked as "Yes", please let me know how come I can't use the relationship method for displaying reports that are filtered automatically using the relationship?