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Problem with script button! Help!

Question asked by PedroMarroquin on Jan 20, 2012
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Problem with script button! Help!


I got one table of invoices and that table is used in 3 different layout: Private, Water Co. and Electricity Co. One of the guys of the forums Phil told me to set a script button where I go insert this script to the button that takes me to each layout with the right names of the layout. This was to separate the Private Records from the Water Co. Records and the Electricity Records... and i set it but it doesn't work! When I'm doing a New Private Invoice it appears the invoices form Water Co and Electric Co. 


this is the script:


 put "Private" in the options script parameter box of the perform script of the button setup.

Set it to run this script:

Go To layout [PrivateInvoices]
Enter Find Mode [] //clear pause check box
Set field [Invoices::InvoiceType ; Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]
Set Error Capture [on]
Perform Find[]
Go to record/Request/Page [last]


what sould i do?!