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    Problem with serial numbers....



      Problem with serial numbers....


           Hi,  i am having a problem that i cant figure out.

           i have a auto enter serial number field that increase 1 for the next number.  But today i found my serial number didn't show in a continuous way.  I connect this database to four PCs. 

           I have 12341001, 12341002, 12341003, then i suddenly got 12341009, 12341010...  

           What is the problem? And what can i do? Please help ..... Thanks....

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               Why is the "gap" a problem?

               The most likely reason for the gap would be that records with values 12341004 ... 12341008 have been deleted. Perhaps a new record was created and then deleted when the need to finish entering data disappeared (order was canceled, starting a new record was found to be a mistake, etc.) That doesn't affect the function of your database necessarily, but in some cases it raises and "audit" issue.

               Another possibility is that those records really are in your database, but a damaged field index is keeping them from your found set or keeping your records from sorting correctly--creating the illusion that some values in your sequence were skipped. In those cases, re-indexing your file may succeed in correcting the issue.

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                 Thanks for ur quick reply...i will try that first.

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                   Hi Phil, i have checked with my database. I think it wont be the second incident. And it might be the first incident as u described. 

                   But in my case, users can only create records and cannot delete the records. 

                   If i wanted to ensure the continuous serial, what should i do? Thanks...

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                     Something either deleted records or reset your next serial value setting. I can't tell which was the case from here and "going back in time" to figure out how it happened is also not possible so it can be difficult to determine the cause.

                     You'll need to investigate what possible options produced that result.

                     I am assuming that your users log in with a privilege set that prohibits deleting records.

                     Situations that might produce such a "gap":

                     Importing records into a new copy of the file and incorrectly resetting the "next value" setting for the serial number.

                     A script that runs with "full access permissions" deletes some records

                     A user with full access deletes the records--possibly by accident.

                     The value of the serial number field itself was changed--possibly by a "full access" script but perhaps also by a full access user.

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                       Your information really helps a lot. Thanks Phil, i will try to figure it out. ^^