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problem with summary field

Question asked by cartz on Sep 20, 2009
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problem with summary field




I have a table with an indexed field called KEY that is a calculated field combining three other fields. The key is not unique and there will be up to 24 records for each key. There is a price field that the table has been sorted by so that the records for each KEY are sorted in ascending order.


I have added a field to the database called ORDER and made that a SUMMARY field being a COUNT of KEY, a running count, restart summary for each group when sorted by KEY. I have selected Individually for Summarize Repetitions.


The ORDER field gives me a running count of all of the records in the table. So the first record in the table has a value of 1 and record 6500 has a value of 6500.


This is not what I want. I want the count to reset after each change in KEY. So when the KEY changes the count resets to 1.


I'm wanting to do this so I can easily grab the lowest price for a given key, or list the 2nd lowest through to the 5th lowest etc.


Am I misunderstanding how the Summary Fields should work? I thought having Restart Summary for Each Group would achieve what I'm after.