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    Problem with text fields



      Problem with text fields



      I’m having a problem with the text fields on a work order FM that I made three years ago, I edited some information and changed the name of the database.

      Not none of my text fields will permit any text to type into it and my auto-enter data such as date and time will not work even though the scripts are correct.

      I would appreciate any help with this problem which I suspect has to do with the renaming of the table.

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          Did you change the File's name or the Table's?

          Either name change might effect how certain calculations and script steps function, but it shouldn't render a field unmodifiable unless some kind of script or calculation is involved that uses a function or script step that refers to a field or the file by name..

          Script steps such as Set field By Name

          calculations such as GetField or ValueListItems (a number of design functions require a file name)

          might fail if you put the name of your file or the name of a field into an expression used with one of these where the name is just a quoted string.

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            Thank you for your reply, I did change the file name.Also the scripts are very basic just auto-enter the date and time.

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              Then changing the file name should make no difference to how your file functions.

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                Once again thank you for the response, is there a posibility that the table name might have changed. I tried a script debugger one time and it showed an error 101. I ran it again it didn't come up again.

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                  If you are using very basic calculations as you describe, a name change of a table should also make no difference.

                  An error code 101 means "record is missing". This may be a clue as to your trouble or a normal and expected result from one of your script steps. Go to Record/Request/Page [next ; exit after last], for example will return a 101 error code at the point where there are no more records to go to and the step exits the loop that it is inside of.