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Problem With Updating Value List

Question asked by PROFT on May 4, 2010


Problem With Updating Value List


I'm working on a database I've set up to manage a conference.  It is working, but I have one feature that seems to be problematic when I use IWP or try to use it via FMTouch.  


In the layout for my main table, Sessions, I have a portal to a related table Session Record.  The two tables are related as follows:

Sessions::Session_ID = Session_Record::Session_ID and Sessions::Session_Date = Session_Record::Session_Date.  

The relationship allows for records to be created in the Session_Record table via this relationship.


The portal contains the Session_Record::Session_Date field (a drop down calendar),  the Session_Record::Session_Time field which displays a drop down list of times, and the Session_Record::Location field that displays a drop down value list.  The value list comes from a related table Rooms.  The value lists only shows related values starting from Session_Record.  


This arrangement works with one "glitch."  After selecting the date and time in the Session_Record portal, the value list for the locations will only populate if I click out of the portal.  If I do so, it immediately populates with the correct options.  This works fine (albeit a bit annoying) when I'm working in the database normally.  It causes problems, however, via IWP and FMTouch as the "clicking out" option doesn't work, so the value list never populates and I cannot complete the entry of the new record.


Any ideas on what I've done wrong that cause the list to not populate would be most welcome.