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Problem with value list not showing all customer names

Question asked by LesleyMolloy on Jul 20, 2010
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Problem with value list not showing all customer names


I have a database that is set up as follows:

Table1  “Customers”

Fields are:

  1. Customer ID (auto entered serial number)
  2. First Name (text)
  3. Last Name (text)
  4. Last Name, First Name (calculation = Last Name & " " & First Name)

Table 2  “Registration”

Fields are:

  1. Customer ID (Linked from Customers table)
  2. Registration ID (auto entered serial number)

I have created a drop down value list that uses the values from Customers:CustomerID for the 1st field and Customers:Last Name, First Name for the second field and is sorted on the 2nd field.

The problem I am having is that I have customers with the same first and last name but only one customer is showing up when I use the drop down list. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. If I change the value list to just use only the customer ID number and not the second field it works but I need to be able to have it sorted by last name.

Please help…

I am using FileMaker Pro Version 10.0v3