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    Problem with value list on layouts



      Problem with value list on layouts


           I am using a FMPro relational database (JobLog) which we use to track information for projects that we do in our office.  The main table is Jobs. There are three tables (Employees, Present_Statuses, and Project_Types) used to provide values for lookup lists for Jobs. The main layout in Jobs is named Data_Entry. One of the fields on Data_Entry is Present_Status. Present_Status has a popup menu attached to it which provides a list of statuses from which one can be selected. The list of statuses is a value list which gets its values from the table Present_Statuses.

           There are other popup menus on Data_Entry and value lists FYI but I don’t feel it necessary to tell as those details yet. Everything works correctly in this state. What I do next though cases an issue. I add a new layout named Table View.  Table View is essentially a subset of the fields on Data_Entry for a quick view of some primary information. To Table View I add 5 fields, including Present_Status. Present_Status is essentially a duplicate of the field on Data_Entry with all the same popup menu and value list functionality. I can click on Present_Status and see the  all that there should be from the value list. I can click on other fields on this form and see the information that should be there. Eventually and sometimes immediately, I enter the Present_Status field again and it will display “No Values Defined”. If I go to the main layout Data_Entry and look at the Present_Status there it will now also display “No Values Defined.”

           I can’t figure out a way to fix this once it happens. I tried deleting the Present_Status field on the Table View layout but it still remains broken on the Data_Entry layout. I check the value list settings on the Data_Entry page and they all still look good. I even tried removing and reapplying the value list settings for the field but it will still just display “No Values Defined.” I can delete the field on Data_Entry layout, create a new field and for Present_Status, set it up as it was working before, and it will still display “No Values Defined”.

           Now if I add the new layout Table View and add the field Present_Status but don’t set it up as a popup menu with a value list based on the table Present_Statuses, nothing breaks. Thoughts?

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               I think we need to take a closer look at the options you have selected in Value List setup for this value list and why you selected them. Is it possible that you selected the "include only related values" option?

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                 Yes, I have done that. I have another Field Unit. Unit have one of three values that can be selected (Graphics, Photography, and Video). Whatever is selected in Unit then filters what appears in the dropdown for Present Status. That is how I have things set up on the Data Entry layout. Hmmm, maybe I don't have that filter set up properly on the Table View page. I'll go back and walk through that again.