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Problem with value list on layouts

Question asked by mariond on Jul 3, 2014
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Problem with value list on layouts


     I am using a FMPro relational database (JobLog) which we use to track information for projects that we do in our office.  The main table is Jobs. There are three tables (Employees, Present_Statuses, and Project_Types) used to provide values for lookup lists for Jobs. The main layout in Jobs is named Data_Entry. One of the fields on Data_Entry is Present_Status. Present_Status has a popup menu attached to it which provides a list of statuses from which one can be selected. The list of statuses is a value list which gets its values from the table Present_Statuses.

     There are other popup menus on Data_Entry and value lists FYI but I don’t feel it necessary to tell as those details yet. Everything works correctly in this state. What I do next though cases an issue. I add a new layout named Table View.  Table View is essentially a subset of the fields on Data_Entry for a quick view of some primary information. To Table View I add 5 fields, including Present_Status. Present_Status is essentially a duplicate of the field on Data_Entry with all the same popup menu and value list functionality. I can click on Present_Status and see the  all that there should be from the value list. I can click on other fields on this form and see the information that should be there. Eventually and sometimes immediately, I enter the Present_Status field again and it will display “No Values Defined”. If I go to the main layout Data_Entry and look at the Present_Status there it will now also display “No Values Defined.”

     I can’t figure out a way to fix this once it happens. I tried deleting the Present_Status field on the Table View layout but it still remains broken on the Data_Entry layout. I check the value list settings on the Data_Entry page and they all still look good. I even tried removing and reapplying the value list settings for the field but it will still just display “No Values Defined.” I can delete the field on Data_Entry layout, create a new field and for Present_Status, set it up as it was working before, and it will still display “No Values Defined”.

     Now if I add the new layout Table View and add the field Present_Status but don’t set it up as a popup menu with a value list based on the table Present_Statuses, nothing breaks. Thoughts?