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Problem with web publishing

Question asked by docteo on Jun 22, 2010
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Problem with web publishing


I've got a problem with the instant web publishing service in Filemaker Pro 11.

the database is set on a central server and the users can enter digiting their username and passwords with differents privilege sets. I discovered that if they enter using a username who is allowed to create only (no delete or modify) there's no problem, but when someone enters using a username who is allowed to modify or delete the PC stops (when I analyse task manager I can see the web publishing application running at 99%) and in this situation the only solution is to end both filemaker and web publishing tasks. The account with complete privilege set doesn't work the same.

 How can I solve the problem? I've tried to change filemaker version (Pro 9 ) or a lot of combination in privilege set but nothing seems to work.

The most unusual thing is that other databases are opened and works regularly, and this makes me think that the problem is located in the new database but where?