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Problem with XML/XSL Import

Question asked by dirving on Jul 31, 2009
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Problem with XML/XSL Import


Hello everyone,


This problem is occuring on Filemaker Developer 7


I have a script that imports an XML file (obviously using an XSL style sheet) in to a filemaker database. The problem is that all the data fields will not populate. I have checked the XML file and it contains valid data and I have also checked the XSL file and it contains the proper definitions. The weirdest thing about this problem is that when I edit "Import Records" line in the script and click the "Specify import order" button and then change the "Arrange By" dropdown back and forth between "Matching names" and "Field names" it will sometimes fix the problem while other times it won't. This happens in all my scripts from time to time when adding new fields to a database. So I guess the bottom line is:


A] Does anyone even understand this message? ;-)




B] Has anyone ever experienced anything like this in FM?


Much thanks,