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Problem: Sub-Summary of related field not picking up correctly

Question asked by Pstone on Mar 5, 2013
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Problem: Sub-Summary of related field not picking up correctly


     So here's my delima. 

     I have a Table-A layout that has some Table-A fields on it and some Table-B fields on it which get populated by a relationship between a Table-A field into Table-B. This way when you choose say, a model # based on the values in Table-B's Model field, the Table-B fields on the layout pop up with the Model Name, Category and Manufacturer.

     Here's what I want to do. Sort by Table-B::Category (the only field on the layout) and then do a simple Count of those records.

     I have setup a layout sub-summary based on Table-B::Category since that's the only field being used to represent that

     Consequently, I have setup in Table-B a field that simply is: Summary = Count of Category as again, this is the field being shown.

     I do a sort of Table-B:Category which correctly bunches things up together by Category.

     However, the Count is not working.

     I'm doing this also with a Table-A:Field, same method as above but everything is contained in Table-A and it works great.

     So I am wondering... does Sub-Summary NOT WORK across tables like this? Do I need to do some bizarre Relational ghost table or something?

     Thanks everyone!