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Problematic Portal Script

Question asked by AlishaDenicola on Jun 6, 2014


Problematic Portal Script


     Hi all, 

     I am building a database that shows the projects our company is currently working on and then lists out the sub-groups and tasks within each subgroup. The database came to me as a half-finished project started from a starter solution on Filemaker 12. 



     Right now the database is set up in steps: you access a project, which pushes you into a screen that lists the sub-groups in that project, you click a group, which pushes you into a layout that lists the tasks in that group, you click a task, it pushes you to a screen that shows the details of that task. 

     My problem is that the starter solution had only two steps: Projects and Tasks. I've added Groups, so it is now Projects - Groups - Tasks. The starter solution used a portal that listed each task in the project. When you click "Add Task" it uses this script:

     Set Variable [$$CURRENT_PROJECT_ID; Value:Projects::PROJECT ID MATCH FIELD] 
     Set Variable [$$SCRIPT_TRIGGER; Value:"Off"]
     If [PatternCount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; "iPad" )]
          Go to Layout [<unknown>]
     Else If [PatternCount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; "Pro" )]
          Go to Layout ["Task Details" (Tasks)]
          Go to Layout [<unknown>]
     End If 
     New Record/Request
     Go to Field []

     This pushes you into Task Details, where you can add information about the task. Then when you go back to the project, that task is listed in the portal, along with a button box that allows you to click any task in the portal and be pushed to that task's details. 


     Now that I've added the Groups between Projects and Tasks, this is no longer functioning. I've duplicated the add script and modified it for Groups, but when I add a group it doesn't add to a project, it creates a new project. 

     Any ideas as to what's going on? 

     The Starter Solution this is based from is Business - Projects. 

     Thanks, Alisha