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    Problematic Portals



      Problematic Portals


      Hi there,


      A friend of mine is having problems at his work.


      He works at a high school as a Business Teacher and he is trying to set up a filemaker program for the school (with their IT person) to show portals of school classes by time frame.


      Example one portal shows classes from 8 to 10, another for 10 to 12, and so on.


      Now, I checked his relationships and all is well, however (there is a but darn it),


      He has sorted each portal according to the specific time but in each portal there are the other classes as well displayed after the sorted group.



      In 1st portal 


      8.30 - Chemistry

      9.30 - History

      10.30 - PDHPE


      2nd Portal


      10.30 - PDHPE

      8.30 - Chemistry

      9.30 - History


      The only way he can hide them (or that he knows) is by conditional formatting to make the text white.


      Is there anyways to hide portal rows that don't fall in that specific timeframe so they aren't there all the time?




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          Hi claddam,


          The best way would be to omit them via the relationships, so a few tweaks in the current setup may be all that is needed, can you provide any more information on how the relationships are setup?

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            Hi Orlando,


            The relationship is by Date (for each class occurs on different dates) and then sorted by time.

            Date::Class and Date::Schedule


            The table is Schedule and each portal (there are 5) is Schedule1, Schedule2, etc. 

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              If you need more information, each group of classes (eg. 8 to 10, 10 to 12) have a group number 1,2,3


              So in the portals it is sorted by a modified search based on Group number (using value lists).


              So what I need to do (I guess) is create a field to use as the relationship that says:


              If ( Group Number = 1) andIf ( Schedule = date)?


              Is there a way to incorporate 2 "If" functions in the one calculation?