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Problems auto enter calculation Dutch Zip code

Question asked by lijnbach on Jul 30, 2014
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Problems auto enter calculation Dutch Zip code


     Hello everybody,

     I think I am making a "thinking mistake". I can't get the "Dutch zip code" working.

     The Dutch zip code is always between "1000 AA" and "9999 ZZ". That means the first 4 characters are always numbers (and greater then 1000) the 5th character is always a "space" and the last two characters are always capitals.

     I don't want to split the zip code in two fields (one for the number and one for the capitals) because the zip code has also to be sorted for our post.

     To avoid user mistakes I created an auto enter calculation field, but I can't figure out the right formula (let function).

     Can someone help me out?

     Thanks is advance,

     Hans Lijnbach