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Problems Connecting to database over a network

Question asked by VeronicaScaiano on Dec 13, 2012
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Problems Connecting to database over a network



     I am running FileMaker Pro Advance 12.0 v2 on my PC.

     I previously connected to my database, which was housed on a Linux file server, over the network with no problems.

     Recently, we changed to a MAC Mini Server.  When I try to connect to my database which is now housed on the MAC, I am able to open the database and it runs for a couple minutes and then returns one of two messages

     1. there is an error and the file needs to close. 

     2.  Database is corrupt and needs to be recovered.

     When I try and reconnect, the database says it was not closed properly and needs to do a consistency check but opens fine.  (Has never actually been corrupt). After a couple minutes the same thing occurs.  This makes using the database painful.

     If I place the same database on my laptop, it runs fine with no errors.  I place it back on the server and the errors return.  If I leave the database on my PC, other users can only use it when I am in the office and I lose the nightly backup I have in place with the server. 

     Any and all advice would be appreciated.