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Problems converting from FP5/FP6 to FP12

Question asked by DavidHoffman on Mar 7, 2013
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Problems converting from FP5/FP6 to FP12


     I tried posting this earlier but can't see it. Perhaps I was in the wrong place, apologies if it appears twice.

     Mac OS 10.6.8

     FP5, FP6, FP11, FP12



     Finding all Filemaker Pro DBs on a Mac:

     I've been running FP6 on my Mac OS 10.6.8. I know I shouldn't ;-) but while it's a bit rough it has been functional. I've finally taken the plunge and bought FP12 and now need to convert my old files with FP11 and then again with FP12.


     The problem I have is finding them. Some have the extension FP5 and I've found & successfully converted those.


     There are still many (perhaps 50 - 100) old Filemaker files scattered around my drives that do not have the FP extension or anything helpful in the filename. In the old Mac days there was a CREATOR code that I could have used to search for these files but I see nothing in the Mac search options that will help me pull up these old Filemaker DBs. Does anyone know of a way that I can find these legacy files so that I can convert them?


     If there is a quicker way than converting them one by one to FP11 and then reconverting them to FP12 then that would be a bonus!


     As I need to use the trial version of FP11 in the process I only have 28 days left to do it. Any that I miss will be permanently stuck I think so I need to do a thorough job!



     And now I have another problem - password protection.

     My original DB made with FP6 was password protected. I removed the password protection before I converted to FP11 and I've checked that it then opened without a password in FP6. All fine.

     I converted to FP11 with the trial and that still demanded a password when opened even though it had been removed from the DB before conversion. It wouldn't open with the account name and original password but some web research got me the information that the converted file account name would now be the old password. That worked and the DB opened with full access. I then converted to FP12 and that too opened with the old password as account and password.

     Two hours later I try to open this DB and again get a password demand but now no combination of passwords and acounts will open it. I've repeated the process and done it again with a clone of the original. I've quit and restarted. None of this helps and I can't open this DB in its converted form as either FP11 or FP12.

     Any suggestions please?


     David Hoffman