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Problems creating runtime FMP 12 OSX

Question asked by ChristopherR.Spence on May 24, 2014
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Problems creating runtime FMP 12 OSX


     Hi all:

     Struggling with creating a run time solution on a Mac with OSX 10.9.3 & FMP Advanced 12.0v5

     Logged in as admin

     Tools>Developer Utilities...Add primary file XYZ.fmp12. Rename file. Specify Project Folder. 

     Solution Options > Create Runtime file. Runtime name XYZ_Runtime. Extension > fmpur  Bind key: 1234567

     OK. Create

     Starts creation and immediately pops a dialogue: "This file is locked or in use."

     Window "Developer Utilities" indicates:

     "Status: Copying Solution Files...

                  Internal Runtime Libraries


     Click OK and the utility generates files. (Can't find a relevant "Info.plist" file anywhere that is locked"

     Try to open XYZ.fmpur - generates error "The primary file “DEBUG” cannot be found and is required for this application."

     Try to open XYZ (Icon has a circle with a line through it) generates an error "You can't open the application "XYZ" because it may be damaged or incomplete"

     What am I missing/doing wrong?