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Problems displaying 1 to 1 fields on a layout

Question asked by Beastking on Jul 3, 2014
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Problems displaying 1 to 1 fields on a layout



     Am using Filemaker 12 and wanted help on displaying fields from one of my tables in a more condensded format.

     My records are imported weekly from excel files the format of these files cannot be changed.


     The issue I have is with a 1 to 1 record. The child has about 400 fields each displaying quantities and I would only like to display the feilds (&fieldnames) on my layout that have a non zero value typically no more than 15 for each record.

     My solution currently is before importing the records is to run an excel macro that reorganises the child table records so they effectively it has become a 1  to many relationship then I import these into another table and is shown on my layout via a portal. So I have 2 tables in the 1 database with the same data. Which means when I change records I have to change both locations.

     I would rather do everything thru filemaker and remove my excel fix  out of the ocassion.

     I don't know the best way to do this but thought maybe I can run a script when the importing records script runs to also create these records to a new table so I can then display via a portal.


     Or maybe is another option? Can the position of fields on a layout be shifted based on value?