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Problems Downloading PDFs from IWP on PC

Question asked by jda76 on Mar 31, 2010


Problems Downloading PDFs from IWP on PC




I'm using FMPA 11 and Server 11 on PC, Windows XP.


I've created a page for clients to login and view their orders and download PDFs pertaining to their orders.  The PDFs are in container fields NOT as references.

When I access the site and try to download the PDFs on a PC using Internet Explorer, the download is stopped and I get this error:


Internet Explorer cannot download data.file from .... (my web address)

Internet Exploer was not able to open the internet site.  The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be fount.  Please try again.


However on my PC using Safari for Windows or on my Mac using Safari or Firefox, the download happens just fine.  I've poked around in my security settings and can't seem to find the solution.

Please advise!!  :)  Thanks!