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Problems getting a field to Calculate correctly

Question asked by JimGriffiths on Jun 5, 2011
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Problems getting a field to Calculate correctly


I have been using a previous version of FM, but recently moved to v.11. I am trying to create a very simple calculation field that uses the following equation:

Contact_FN + " " + Contact_LN

Simply takes the data of my field for a contact's first name, combines it with the data from my last name field, and sticks a space in the middle. Extremely basic.

Unfortunately, my result for every record is "0" (zero), and I cannot figure out why. The calculation field is set to have the result as text.

What stupid little thing am I doing wrong?

FYI, I am having the same problem with a more-complex calculation field that uses an If/Then equation. But I figure that I'd focus on the simple field first.

Thanks for the help that anyone can provide.