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Problems in find mode

Question asked by AAgraphics on Feb 19, 2009
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Problems in find mode


We are using Filemaker Pro Advanced Version 9.0v3


We are using the instant web publishing feature so the public can search our database.  The database can be located at:


Click on the area that reads "click here to search Certificates of Conformity"


In the "item number" field, if you type in 27 and click on 'find' it should display 18 records.  These records are not sorted.  We would like to have these records sorted by item number, then by the date of certificate.


The word 'find' is a button with a script that has "perform find".  If I add a 'sort records' command in that script after the find, it does not display all of the results it should (for instant web publishing).  How can I get it to display all of the results so that they are sorted? Any thoughts?