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    problems in showing the DATE



      problems in showing the DATE


      Dear all

      I created a database as showing the figure attached. There are two DATE fields: 'DOB' and 'SurgeDate'. I actually copied DOB field and renamed to 'SurgeDate'. However, only DOB showed a submenu (allowing me to select dates) as in the figure when I clicked the field. There is no submenu when clicking 'SurgeDate' field. Would you know what happened? Can you fix the problem?




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          The drop down calendar is a format applied directly to the filed object while it is on the layout while in layout mode.

          Enter Layout mode.

          If you do not see the field on the layout while in layout mode, use the field tool or the field picker to add this new date field to the layout.

          While it is selected, use the Inspector's data tab to specify a drop down date.

          Return to Browse mode and table view and you'll find that this field now has the same drop down calendar as the other.

          (In order to specfiy such formats for fields used in a table view, the field has to be present on the layout. Using the modify button to add/remove fields, adds/removes them from the view, but not the layout.)