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Problems installing Filemaker Server 12 - Admin Console Start Page is not available

Question asked by PeterVanderschans on Jun 20, 2012


Problems installing Filemaker Server 12 - Admin Console Start Page is not available


We are trying to install Filemaker Server 12 on a machine running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Service Pack 1. We were previously running Filemaker 11. In order to upgrade, the instructions say to uninstall Filemaker 11 and do a clean install of 12. After installation (or perhaps as part of the installation), internet explorer opens a window which tries to establish a connection to Filemaker's local admin console. It says "Please wait while the Admin Server starts". Then we get an error that says "The Filemaker Server Admin Console Start page is not available."

We tried turning off Windows Firewall and uninstalling Symantec protection. It did not help. Attempting to telnet to port 16000 on the server gives an error: "Could not open connection to the host, on port 16000: Connect failed". Perhaps this is because Filemaker hasn't even gotten to the point of being able to transmit through that port; I don't know. Or perhaps there is something wrong with our server that it's blocking that port. Or perhaps it's unrelated to that port.

We tried everything in the troubleshooting section of the manual and it did not help. Specifically, we uninstalled Filemaker, Java, and Bonjour, and reinstalled Filemaker (using "run as administrator"), which subsequently let Filemaker reinstall Bonjour and Java. It did not help.

The instructions suggest running the fmsadmin command, which we did - it just hangs for a while and then returns to the command prompt. Also, the event viewer is full of errors with event ID 701: "Admin Server process has terminated abnormally" - literally every minute or two.

Any ideas?