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Problems mapping fields

Question asked by Tup on Oct 12, 2009
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Problems mapping fields


I've just encountered a rather frustrating problem. I've created a database on my computer that will import and update records provided by an excel spreadsheet. As usual on the first import, I set-up a field mapping, and again as usual on the second and subsequent imports, this mapping remained as I had originally set it up. Test records were imported, updated, etc as they should. Great, now the testbase was working, time to move it to a server....


But upon copying the database to a Filemaker server area, the mapping disappeared. OK, I said, maybe this is because I've moved it to another location, so I spent 30 minutes remapping the fields. Fine. But when I try to import another excel file the mapping has disapeared again! It's clearly something to do with the database now being located on the server.


Can anyone help?