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Problems printing a merge document

Question asked by RonMacQueen on Jul 13, 2013
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Problems printing a merge document


     I am trying to print a simple one page - standard letter size - merge document, a letter. It has no header or footer. It is giving me two problems. First, it wants to print a blank page after each page of the letter. Second, the background color of the page is a faint gray and so shows a gray border around the letter outside the text pane. I thought I had solved both problems. I changed the background color of the body to white and reduced the length of the body to 10 inches. It now prints each page correctly with no following blank page, but every second page has a gray border around it. I am using an iMac (24 inch early 2009) with OS 10.8.4 and an HP LaserJet 1320 printer. Some help would be much appreciated!!