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Problems recording sound

Question asked by wladdy on Oct 15, 2012


Problems recording sound



     I record sound clips by right-clicking on a container field and clicking 'Insert sound'. A 'Record' window appears. I press the record button to start and 'Save' when I am done. So far, so good.

     My problem is that the play is totally distorted - speech is slowed down to the point of being unrecognizable.

     I use Filemaker Pro Advanced 12.0v2 on a late-2010 11" MacBook Air with 4GB RAM and the latest version of Mountain Lion. However, the problem does not seem to come from my hardware because I can properly record and playback with other software (say, Quicktime Player).

     Ironically, soundclips recorded in the very same layout but on FileMaker Go on the New iPad playback flawlessly, but only if I export the sound - the option to playback from within the container field is grayed out.

     Any help toward resolving these mysteries woiuld be most welcome. Thanks in advance. W.