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Problems sorting on Dates in a Report?

Question asked by FarfelKnabe on Sep 12, 2011
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Problems sorting on Dates in a Report?


Hi all,

I have made a Report, where I get Dates from one table and Titles from another table. In the relationship between the two tables I can assign multiple values for Dates in the Titles table. The problem I have is when I have one of those accurances when I have a post in the Title table with multiple dates - then the Report is only showing the oldest Date.

I am filtering the Report on Titles only in September of 2011 (ca 20 of them) and a few of those, as mentioned, have already an older Date assigned. And it is that older Date that is visible in the Report layout.

So the sorting is getting messed up, showing first the oldest, out of September, and then about half of the posts is in the right order, the rest is not!

Is there some special rules when it comes to adding fields from related tables in the Report layout?

(The Dates are viewing dates when I watch a particular Title in my collection of Movies and TV series.)