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    problems using "find"



      problems using "find"


           HI guys, I hope someone can help me.

           Since we upgraded to Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced recently, I have been unable to use "find". When I open Filemaker, the entry form appears with details of a book already filled out. When I then do "find", nothing happens. The details of the old book remain on the screen. With the old version of Filemaker, after clicking "find", the screen would go blank so I could enter the name or number of the book I wanted to search for. This is no longer possible. Likewise, to print out several book labels, I would normally mark the books and do "find" marked - this doesn't work either.

           Can someone please help?!! Thanks a lot,


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               FileMaker 11 does not handle finds any differently from older versions.

               Next time you click that button check to see if the word "browse" in the lower left corner of the window has changed to "find" as this is the indicator to tell you if the window is in find mode, browse mode, layout mode or preview mode.

               For some reason it would appear that the window never entered find mode. Try selecting that option manually from the View menu and see if you can enter find mode that way. And is there any chance that buttons reading "cancel" or "continue" are visible in the status tool area at the time you can't perform this find?