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    Problems using accents, diacritics, and Greek unicode (Mac)



      Problems using accents, diacritics, and Greek unicode (Mac)


           I have text that often involves (roman) characters with non-spacing accents and diacritics, as well as passages or words in polytonic Greek.

           If I use diacritics with a roman font, it changes afterwards to Helvetica, even if I have set Preferences > Fonts > Default font to something else.

           It will only produce polytonic Greek in Helvetica. (There appears to be no default option for Greek fonts. Why?)


           This is only a problem in FM. It works just fine in all other programs. Not a font problem or a system problem.

           Judging from the forums, this is a recurrent problem with FM on Mac.


           The only workaround at present seems to be to set all fields to Helvetica. Functional, but shouldn't I be able to use other unicode fonts, as I can in all other programs.


           FM Pro 12.0v3, Mac OS 10.8.3

           I use unicode keyboards to achieve this in all other programs: the Mac US Extended keyboard for roman, GreekKeys Unicode (US) for Greek.


           Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.