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Problems while trying to copy an object in FM 12

Question asked by JoakimDreier on Feb 20, 2015
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Problems while trying to copy an object in FM 12



I've encountered a problem With an older database that's been used for several years now (its converted from previous Versions), its current incarnation is for FM 12.

The database contains a lot of scanned files, as well as text, resulting in a rather large database (referred to at DB hereafter).

The error code which shows when copy'n paste of an object is attempted is "The operation cannot be completed because it would exceed the maximum allowed dimensions of a layout".

This does however for a single user, or the server administrator when he directly runs FM from the server.

however all other users are unable to use the copy'n paste function of an object. We've attempted to copy the temporarily FM files generated from one profile to another without it resulting in any success.

There is nothing that differs between the users, yet one can do it, the other can't. We've attempted to do this on several other layouts on the DB without any different result. We've created a new empty DB (however its located locally instead of on a server) which the copy function works for the other users. Thus we can make a guess that the issue is related to that specific DB.

I'm suspecting it might be because of the database size, or its gone corrupt however I can't say for certain, I simply lack the experience and knowledge of the inner workings of FM 12 to make a conclusion, thus why am extending my hope that a experienced user can assist me with the potential directions to look for a plausible cause for this.. bizarre issue.


Thanks you for your time.