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    Problems with "Title Header"



      Problems with "Title Header"


      Why is it that while "Title Header" appears when I save a layout as a .PDF, but NOT when it comes up on the screen?  I want the header to appear once at the top of both the screen display and the .pdf

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          I think I solved the last problem: when I set the layout to single form view, it does show the header.  I have to leaf through the records, but when I save it as a .pdf it looks the way I want it.

          Now, I have a new problem.  The .pdf has peculiar shadowing on the left and top corners of a couple of graphics.  These shadows don't show in the screen display.  Any suggestions? I don't think it will let me upload the pdf..so you will just have to take my word for it.

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            What version of FileMaker are you using?

            Are these images in container fields?

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              Using pro 13 advanced.  Win7.

              The image is the container field (color) is not the one causing the problem. It's the logo Images in the Header. I have been using them in layouts so long I can't remember where I originally obtained them, either .jpg or .gif, I suspect.  Do you think that if I put them in containers this problem would go away?

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                Maybe. What I see looks like what could be the borders to a field so I wanted to rule out that possibility.

                If you put them in a container field sized to be a few pixels smaller than the actual image and specified, in data formatting in the Inspector, that the container field crop the image, you might be able to get those unwanted "edges" to disappear.

                You might also open these images in an image editing program and check the image to see if the "shadows" appear there.

                In windows, with FileMaker 12 and 13, I get better results if I use the Insert menu to insert images than if I copy and paste. Pasting from the clipboard pastes the image in "windows meta file" format and FileMaker can have trouble with that format--especially when the file is then opened in FileMaker GO or on a Mac.

                And I just opened up FileMaker, inserted an image onto the layout and checked. I can see that on the Appearance tab of the inspector that I can specify an "inner" or "outer" shadow. Make sure that those options are not selected for your image as they could produce the affect that you see here.