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problems with "Use values from field" value list

Question asked by DonnaZi on Feb 3, 2011
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problems with "Use values from field" value list


i'm using FM 11 on a mac, and have set up a checkbox field to show a value list that pulls from entries in the "material type" field. i have 85 records imported from excel. i have been able to troubleshoot some repeating values by eliminating extra spaces around the word in the record field entries. however, i am stuck (and baffled) on two that won't go away:

- a "blank" checkbox option

- 9 repeating "Metal" values 

Note, i have manually retyped all records with "metal" and it has not fixed the problem. i did the same thing for Acoustics and it DID work for that one. 

any thoughts? thanks so much.