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Problems with Avery Label 5164

Question asked by ejolesch_1 on Jan 30, 2014
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Problems with Avery Label 5164


     I'm not new to Filemaker but I still consider myself between Novice and Beginning Levels because I don't use it often enough.

     I am trying to create a shipping label using the Avery Template for Label 5164.

     When I setup the label, I add a small logo/return address graphic and then the fields for the name, address, city, state, etc.

     When I look at it in Preview mode it only shows 4 labels.  Their are 6 labels per sheet.

     When I adjust the size of the label, making it smaller, I get all 6 labels, but the bottom two labels don't line up in their appropriate locations.  They are either too high (on labels 3 and 4) or right on the edge.

     What am I doing wrong?