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Problems with calc field in Sub Summary report

Question asked by sccardais on Oct 20, 2014
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Problems with calc field in Sub Summary report


I have a sub summary report that includes the a calculation field in a sub summary part. The Layout doesn't have a body.

The calculation is an unstored number result based on Summary fields using the Get Summary function.

The calculation uses Summary fields from an external data source - also FMP 13 file on the same local drive.

(GetSummary(SURVEYS_Same Org::s_zPromoter; SURVEYS_Same Org::Org_ID) / GetSummary(SURVEYS_Same Org::s_CountResponseID;SURVEYS_Same Org::Org_ID)
- GetSummary(SURVEYS_Same Org::s_zDetractor;SURVEYS_Same Org::Org_ID)/GetSummary(SURVEYS_Same Org::s_CountResponseID;SURVEYS_Same Org::Org_ID))

The report looks something like the attached screenshot. It summarizes Orgs (customers) based on the number of customer satisfaction surveys they've submitted. The green shaded column is the calculation causing problems.

I'm having two problems.

1. Sorting on the calculation field doesn't change the sort order. I want to sort this report by the calculation with the lowest numbers (negative) first. Data viewer shows the correct values but for some reason, sorting on this field has no affect on the report.

2. Sorting on the calculation field takes forever. I suspect this is because it's an unstored calculation. What can be done to speed this up?