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Problems with database design, Laboratory Notebook

Question asked by LuukvanSummeren on Jun 20, 2013
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Problems with database design, Laboratory Notebook


     Hey All,

     I have been using filemaker for the last two years to keep a lot of data organized. Last week I started a new project, my own laboratory notebook. I'm working as a chemist and to keep track of my experiments and results so i use a lab notebook. In the past i used a commercially availible solution for this, but this software is no longer being sold as a single licence (the company changed to a server client system starting from 100 users) and also Mac OS is not being supported. So i thought lets use filemaker to store the things i want to store. But im running into some problems on the database design.

     the tables i have so far:

     Experiments (this table has al the information about the experimental procedure)
     Analysis (contains the analytical data of a specific experiment
     Compounds (a table containing all the compounds i use withe their physical data)
     Chemicals (The link between an experiment and a compounds used)
     Products (Contains the data of a specific attempt to make a compound)

     the problem im running into is that both chemicals and products have a link to experiments and compounds and file maker doesnt like this.

     This is the first time im trying to make such a complicated solution, before i only made simple systems with one or two relationships.

     So all your comments and input are very helpfull

     Thanx in advance