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Problems with Filemaker Pro and MySQL connection??

Question asked by laneystewart on Sep 18, 2009
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Problems with Filemaker Pro and MySQL connection??


I am having trouble getting a table connection to a MySQL database.  I am new to the whole ODBC connection thing, but have a server that is hosting my databases.  I have made a successful connection to the MySQL database from the server DSN test, but am now unable to ass the table to my FM database.  It is telling me that the account name and password can not access this file.  It is the same name and password that we used to connect from the DSN configuration.  Has anyone had any trouble with this type of thing before.  My IT folks told me the other day that the MySQL database connects a IP address with a user name to enable login.  Would my FM client be using a different IP address since it is not on the same machine as the server???  Will my client FM Pro be the address trying to access the MySQL database or the server??  ANy help would be appreciated.........