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Problems with filemaker sharing - advice please

Question asked by appt on Sep 18, 2014
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Problems with filemaker sharing - advice please


Hi all,

I'm hoping that someone from FM (TSGal perhaps) might come along and be able to help on this one because it is not strictly a technical issue.

I have been designing software for school to use on iPads for over a year now. We have our solutions in several local schools and they are loving them.

However in my own school the story is very different. The IT manager hates Macs and hates me too. 

We have a solution that helps record progress of our year 9 students which is used by the staff in my department.  The school uses something called KAMAR for it's student management system, which is basically a FM database running on FM Server.

Since the IT manager will not let me put the solution on the server we worked around it by using the sharing option and leaving a Mac laptop running in our office.

The IT people have now told us that because the database is open all the time (password protected) it is causing the school network to be bombarded with viruses! We have now been told we have to remove it. I'd love to put it on the school server but they have told me they want full Admin rights to my solution.

So there are 2 questions.

1. Is it possible that a FM solution running from the desktop of a Mac using FM network sharing could attract viruses?

2. Is it normal to have to give full Admin rights to a solution to an IT manager and if so what would be the value to them. If there is a problem they can just close it right?

Any answers, especially 'official' ones gratefully received.