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    Problems with FMP10A and ODBC



      Problems with FMP10A and ODBC


      Hello everyone,

      I'm new to FMP10A (Windows) and a task delegated to me has left me with a throbbing head. It's regarding the setting up of a ODBC connection to my .fp7 files to use them as sources.

      I've followed the instructions laid out in the documentation and help files and also reinstalled both the DataDirect driver (DataDirect 5.5 32-bit Client for ODBC) and FM itself several times. Here is a run down of what I've done:

      1. Create simple database file with single table with some nonsense text records.
      2. Enable ODBC and limit access to privileged users. Created simple admin account to facilitate access.
      3. Go to ODBC Administrator > Set up System DSN as instructed with name, Host: localhost, Port: 2399 and data source as the extensionless name of the file I have in FMP10A (I do not close file nor program)
      4. Test Connect.

      I always get an error of code -511 and with the description 'Cannot open file(802)' upon testing. Is there a way to get through this? I'll be glad to provide any other details if requested. Thanks for your help.


      Note: Information which may help:

      . I am using Windows Server 2003 SP2

      . I have no internet connection on the computer I'm running.

      . The setup I illustrated above runs successfully on Windows XP Home Edition SP3

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          Thank you for your post.  Although it sounds like you have done the setup correctly, it is difficult to determine the cause without being in front of the machine.


          Did you encounter any problems when installing the SequeLink driver?  Did you install it via the setup or through the Control Panel?


          Was there any difficulty setting up the FileMaker database file?  Does the database file have any spaces in the name?


          What is the difference in your user account between Server 2003 and Windows XP?


          Does this happen with any file or just this one file?  If the latter, make sure the ODBC sharing for the file is turned on.  If it is, change the access to All Users for testing purposes, and then try again.


          Any additional information you can provide may help with narrowing down the possibilities.



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            1. I encountered no problems with using the stand-alone .exe installer.

            2. None of the records or names of files I used have spaces in them. They are consist solely of alphanumeric character.

            3. As far as I can tell, nothing.

            4. It happens with any file :(

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                 Did you try changing the server name from 'localhost' to '' or to the actual IP address?
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