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    Problems with fonts from Mac to Win



      Problems with fonts from Mac to Win


      I have a problem with an old database:

      The database was originally running under an old Mac OS 9. Now I converted the DB and try to use it on my Win XP PC. To convert and open it was not a problem, but all Fields have now a wrong font. On the Mac the Font Geneva was used and I installed it as well on the PC, but now the fields has the Font: <unknown>

      Does anyone has an Idea how to solve this Problem withouth changing the font of every field?


      Thank you!



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          Thank you for your post.


          Somehow, the font ID has been lost.  Have you installed any new application that modified the existing fonts?


          Reinstall your system fonts; especially Geneva.  If the field still displays <unknown>, then you will need to select the fields (individually or as a group) and change the font to Geneva.



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