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    Problems with fp5 - fp7 conversion



      Problems with fp5 - fp7 conversion


       Hi there


      We're in the process of migrating from an old FileMaker 6 install to a brand new FileMaker 9 one.  Everything thus far seems to be ok, except this one pesky script.  It's quite lengthy and draws data from a number of sources.


       I went through the script line by line and the conversion omitted an "=0" and added an "else" that didn't need to be there.  Otherwise it looks fine.


      I verified that all the database connections all work properly as well. under Manage > Database > Relationships.  It looks like all references to other databases work fine.


      The program freezes up after about 1 second.  Please help, any advice is appreciated.


      *note* - since you can't copy and paste scripts directly from filemaker, I had to create a PDF file and copy the text.  When you do this, FileMaker breaks some of the lines in two to save space. 


      FP5 Script


      FP7 Script