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Problems with From address using the Email command

Question asked by rsagall_1 on May 29, 2009
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Problems with From address using the Email command


I am using FM Pro Avananced 10.0v1 on Macs running 10.5.7. I have a script that sends an email. The problem I am encountering is that the coding of the "From Address" is incorrect. This causes recipient mail servers to reject the email.


I was using variables that were given the proper values for the Name, E-mail Address, Reply-To Address in the SMTP Options window. I had my ISP look at his email log. He found the email and said the "Mail From" field in his email log contained:


MAIL FROM:<=?UTF-8?B?QmlsbCBLeXJvdXoA?=<>> 


He looked in the log to see what the recipient server said and it rejected the email because the "Mail From" field didn't look like an email address. The ISP host said the address should just be




I then hard coded in the info that was previously obtained with the variables. The message was rejected again. The "Mail From" field contained:


MAIL FROM:<=?UTF-8?B?YmlsbEBuZWVkeW1lZHMub3Jn?=<>>


There is some type of encoding or encrypting going on to add the characters  before the email address.


Any suggestions on how to fix this problem so the emails will go out and be received properly?