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    Problems with Get Summary



      Problems with Get Summary



      I have layout with order information with one portal where i can add boxes (i need them for taxes) and another portal with order items and their wight and box id. I need get sum of item weight per box

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          Not something you can do with GetSummary.

          What are the tables and relationships you have here for your Order layout and these two portals?

          I suspect that to get what you want, will require defining a new relationship, but need to know what you have no so we can start with that in setting this up.

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            'kastes' - boxes (table which contains informations about secondary packing - boxes

            'iepakojums' - packing (table which contains information about different type of packing materials and their taxes)

            'item catalog' - catalog (table with data of all possible items)

            'order receive' - cargo invoice (table contains information about incoming cargo like date, invoice number, additional expenses, money exchange rate, etc)

            'order receive content' - cargo content (table contains each item weight, price, packing type an weight, expenses to calculate first cost)

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              I'm sure that this all makes sense to you, but I need even more info here.

              Describe what you mean by "Secondary packing", how you intend this Boxes (kastes) table to work for you and why you have two relationships from two different fields to the Packing (iepakojums 8 and 9) table.

              The "boxes" on this relationship graph are called table occurrences. Which ones have you selected for the portals you described. (I am assuming that Order_Recive is specified for the layout on which you placed these portals.)

              Please explain the purpose and intended function of the three relationships from Order_Recive to different occurrences of Packing (iepakojums 5, 6 and 7).

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                iepakojums - in this table at moment are 4 records Plastic, Cardboard, Wood, Metal. Each of this record have different tax rate

                there are 3 levels of packing

                1 level - pallete (which consist of wood and maybe of plastic or/and metal)

                2 level - boxes (cardbord, which can be stuffed with plastic or paper)

                3 level - item have their own packing (box, plastic.....)


                and table BOXES i need to divide each item to his secondary packing box.


                I got 1 pallete with 2 boxes wrapped in plastic ( 1 level packing are wood - 10kg, and plastic - 0,5 kg)

                in first box i have 2 speakers ( 2 level packing for this 2 speakers are cardboard - 0,5 kg), each speaker ar in their own cardboard box of 0,2 kg  and plastic corners (3 level packing)

                in second box i have 100 cable jack/jack ( 2 level packing cardboard - 0,4 kg), each cable are wrapped in small paper peace 0,05 kg (3 level packing)


                to get one item first cost i need use part of taxes from all levels of packing.

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                  iepakojums: this would appear to record the type of packaging used.

                  terciarais_1_kods is for level 1 packaging?

                  terciarais_2_kods is for level 2? and terciarais_3_kods for level 3?

                  I don't see how that could work for you here, but may not be understanding this.

                  What does one record in Order_recive represent?

                  A list of items shipped to/from a customer/supplier? (Jacks and speaker are lsited on one order_Recive record)

                  One such item for each Order_Recive record? (jacks are on one record and Speakers on another)

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                    iepakojums are teble with packaging materials with diferent taxes

                    in table Order reveive fields terciarais_1 to 3 are 3 diferent packaging materials at same time for level 1 (pallete)

                    in table Kaste fields kods_1 and Kods_2 are packaging material for level 2 (boxes)

                    in table item_catalog i have another 2 fields with packaging materials for level 3 (item)

                    One record in table Order_receive represent a icoming cargo invoice

                    in table Order_receive_content each record represents item by UPC or Suplier item number.


                    Table: Order_receive


                    Information about cargo, like suplier, date, money exchange rate, invoice number, level 1 packaging (palete) types of materials, money transfare expenses etc.


                    Table: Kastes (Boxes)

                    Record: 1 with order ID 1

                    Information about first box on that pallete, weight and type of packaging materials

                    Record 2 with order ID 1

                    Information about second box on that pallet 


                    Table: Order receive content

                    Record: 1 with Order ID 1

                    information about cargo item, price, weight, packagink type of materials and their weight. And if item was in box 1 i add kastes id 1 (if in box X then kastes ID X) 

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                      OK, don't see the need for three different keys just to show three different materials used for level one packaging. A portal where you create one record for each level one packaging material type would seem to work for this and would only use one key instead of three. That's a more flexible approach as you can add more material types with different tax rates by adding more records in a table instead of adding more relationships in your defined database structure should a future change require adding more types of packaging with different tax rates...

                      This is definitely a complex problem. Am I correct that you need the "weight per box" for both level 2 and level 3? Do you also need it for Level 1?

                      I still need to mull this one over a bit, but I think setting up some more portals where you can create a "Package" (Box, Pallete, etc.) record and then list the items (including other boxes) contained by it by selecting from a conditional value list listing just the items from the Order Receive Content table (plus their packaging) might work here. If that can be made to work, the total weight of the contents becomes the some of the weights of the items listed for it.

                      I'm going to bookmark this thread and respond back when I've had some time to think this one through a bit...